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What we do?

Skilled Android Engineers On Board!

Study says that almost in excess of 800 million individuals use Android applications around the world. Would you be able to at present bear to be on the blind spot of 800 million potential clients? New School Media team has android developers and api developers who have the capability to deliver complex Android Applications.

A SDK stage, engineers use plenty of Android application improvement devices to investigate boundless item advancement conceivable outcomes.

Thus, we have mastery in Android SDK(Software Development Kit), Android Media APIs, Location–based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture, OpenGL, 3D illustrations, and the rundown goes on.

Why Android Application Development?

Along these lines, Android Application market is developing with quick pace and thus, there are on the whole fundamental reasons why each business must pick Android as their business application. How about we view few reasons why one ought to go for Android App Development.

Android´s Market Share

  • Simple to-utilize and exceptionally captivating applications.
  • Brand Vision
  • Catching more extensive market in exceedingly persuasive innovation showcase.
  • Quick customization
  • Google Supports

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